Our history

Indicia joins the Protex Internationel Group

Indicia acquires Bio-Steril, CMO specialized in aseptic filing and finish of medical devices and cosmetics liquids and gels.



Indicia acquires METIS :
– Rapid microbiology techlology for industrial QC.
– Development of Indicia brand culture media.

Indicia acquires Biotechnologies Appliquées (Brittany) specialized in the manufacturing of small batches of ready-to-use culture media.



Implementation of a high-capacity production unit for the filling and sterilization of culture media in bags.

Indicia Biotechnology (R&D in immunodiagnostic) acquires Axcell and becomes INDICIA Production
Business model: CMO formulation, sterilization and aseptic filling of liquid reagents and culture media.



Establishment of Axcell Biotechnologies
CMO: industrial production services (with an historical know-how around culture media)

Our solutions

With an experience of about twenty years, Indicia brings customized solutions to life science industries :

• Manufacture of ready-to-use culture media for Microbiology.
• Full solutions for rapid microbiology testing by flow cytometry
• Manufacturing solutions for Medical, Pharmaceutical, Veterinary or Cosmetic use.

Indicia supports its customers in the process of industrialization of their products through the production of pilot batches, the validation of processes and operators (media fill tests), the implementation of quality controls (biocharge, performance tests, sterility tests) and documents ensuring the traceability of the manufacturing (batch records, certificates of analysis)

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Our philosophy​


A fundamental principle for our company is proximity to our partners. Thanks to our expertise, we provide daily support to all our customers.


Reactivity is one of our main assets today, we handle all requests and information in a very fast time.


Indicia's team constantly adapts to the evolution of the market and especially to the continuous needs of our customers.

Regulatory expertise

Throughout the steps of the manufacturing process entrusted to it, indicia supports and advises its customers on the regulatory requirements that their products must meet. Strong of its certifications (NF EN ISO 9001 and NF EN ISO 13485) and of its experience of the respect of the Good Manufacturing Practices, indicia is able to guide its customers for the setting up of the controls (controls of the raw materials, controls in process, finished product checks) and documents required by the regulations.